The Elephant Who Sat On My Heart


A big grey butt was sitting on my heart

Get off me! Get off me! Before I fall apart
The more I tried to move
The more I made it frown
The more I tried to get up
The more it pushed me down

I gave up trying
So I broke down and cry
Under the elephant’s butt
I surrendered to lie

That’s when it sighed…

Don’t be a defeatist
You can push me off
I’ve been here before
And I used to weigh more
But you lifted me up
With everything you’ve got
You’re a formidable warrior
You’ve been through a lot

No! Get off me!
You don’t understand
I can’t have you sitting on my heart
As and when

I might have a lot
But I’m getting a little faint
From all this heavy lifting
And this unbearable pain

So get off my heart!
You and your big elephant butt!

Because if you don’t
How do I even try to start
To fix my broken bones
And mend my broken heart

You’re no fun
The elephant said
It lifted its buns
And left me where I laid

I feel happier and wiser
And I deserve so much more
And that’s when I met
A baby dinosaur…

Squid Wan