The first book I ever completed was by accident for my nephew Aaqil who was turning 3 in 2013. I wrote, drew and printed the book as his gift and to my surprise, everyone who saw it loved it. Especially him. People started contacting me to create a personalised book for their loved ones and I’ve done up to 6 personalised books so far. Check out the story below:


In a land not too far away from my heart,
there lived a dinosaur boy named Aaqilsaurus!

He is the fastest,
He is the strongest,
He is the sweetest dinosaur in all of the land

But he is afraid of…
The Dark!

In The Dark, there are weird noises…
Squeak squeak…
Scratch scratch…

In The Dark, there are…
Sharp claws,
Thorny horns,
Big ugly teeth

Huh? Candles?

Happy birthday Aaqilsaurus!

He is no longer afraid of the dark and had a very happy birthday.

The End.